Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

In order to ensure the development of the total personality of the students, the school provides ample opportunities for the students to engage themselves in a wide variety of activities.

The co-curricular activities are designed to stimulate the interest of the students in hobbies and provide opportunities for self-expression there-by ensuring the formation of a balanced and integrated personalities.

Ideal School give importance to CCA as much as it gives to Academics. CCA and regular sports activities gives a boost to the mind and body. It also helps to develop Teamwork and Leadership. Ideal offers a suite of CCA that reinforces the school core values – Integrity, Discipline, Empathy, Aspiration and Loyalty in each pupil.Sports & games instil integrity, Discipline and cultivate Empathy; Club and Society promotes Aspiration and Loyalty.

CCA is strongly encouraged for students from Grade 1 onwards

CCA for all Grades

Skating Taekwondo Archery

Sports & Games from Grade 4 to Grade 10

Basketball Badminton Volleyball
Table Tennis Soccer Trac & Field
Shot put Javelin Long Jump

Performing Arts

Classical Dance Keyboard Congo(Drum)

Club Activities

‘Phoenix club’ -Literary ‘Splash club’-Art & Craft ‘Wellness Club’- Eco & Health
‘Young Scientist Club’- science ‘Infinity club’- Math