Our aim to provide a holistic school education hat focuses on excellence. The academic conceptualize balanced academic activities in accordance with the objectives of the national curriculum. The curriculum offers the core and extended version which suits the students with varying levels of learning ability.

The assessment is not only based on mere conventional examinations, they consists of variety of assessment tools. The educational agenda should consists of a curriculum wherein the child can choose a combination of subjects which interests him or he instead of offering a fixed menu which fails to be any interest or help to them in pushing their careers.

The mark sheet is merely meant to quality a student to the next level and not to quantity his or her ability because a marksheet wil not speak for a man. The schools have to function not as a factories producing prospective professionals but as store houses of knowledge and character producing qualitative human beings.

Grades Subjects
I to 3 English, Mathematics, E.V.S, Language-II(Tamil), Language -III(Hindi),Computer science, Life skill lesson
4 to 8 English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Language-II(Tamil), Language -III(Hindi),Computer science, Life skill lesson
9 & 10 English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Social Science, History & Civics, Geography & Economics, Language-II(Tamil), Computer science, Life skill Lesson